Aspiring Ashanti Regional Chairman of the largest opposition party NDC who is also a former deputy sports minister and Ashanti Regional minister, Joseph Yamin, has chastised Ghana’s senior minister, Hon. Osafo Marfo for suggesting that corruption at the Ghana Football Association (GFA) increased immeasurably in 2010, when NDC was in power.

In rebutting Osafo Marfo’s proposition, on Okese FM’s “Ghana First” Morning Show today, Joseph Yamin said the issue of corruption must be viewed with national lense devoid of political colourization. He also argued, the senior minister has no moral right to attribute the level of corruption in Ghana football to the NDC, since it was under his watch between 2006 and 2008 as sports minister, that the popular Woyomegate scandal started even before the NDC came into power.